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Fulton County Championships 9/19/2015

Posted by Joan McCarty at Sep 18, 2015 8:39AM PDT

This Saturday, September 19, 2015, is the Fulton County Cross Country Championships to be held at Milton High School, 13025 Birmingham Hwy, Milton, GA 30004.

Bus will leave the RHS senior lot at 6:00 a.m.

All of RHS XC runners will be running (unless injured) in one of three races (varsity, JV, or open). Please find your runner’s name on the lists below to ensure you get to the correct race on time!

Race Schedule:
Open Girls-7:45am
Open Boys-8:30am
JV Girls-9am
JV Boys-9:45am
V Girls-10:15am
V Boys-10:45am

SPECTATORS please use the Birmingham Hwy entrance and park at the Milton HS main lots or at the adjacent Northwestern MS parking lots.

ADMISSION FEE: There will be a $5 parking fee for each car with one person and a $10 fee for 2 or more in a car. This fee will be collected as you park.

Link to the official race information:

As always, let me know if you have questions: Go Hornets!

Varsity Girls
VanAmburg, Rachel
Coulter, Kara
Sandreuter, Sarah
Flamer, Sunshine
Stovall, Ava
Butler, Hannah
Fuller, Lauren

Girls JV and Open
Name and Race

Allen, Madison OPEN
Barth, Skylar OPEN
Brewer, Gabby OPEN
Brill, Ellie JV
Brown, Megan OPEN
Brunner, Tori OPEN
Burns, Lydia OPEN
Cooper, Laurie OPEN
Cuen, Kendall JV
Dukes, Lillian OPEN
Endler, Jasmin JV
Firoj, Nishat OPEN
Flamer, Tasha OPEN
Fuller, Hailey JV
Garcia, Emily OPEN
Gotthardt, Abby JV
Hashemi, Meghan JV
Heise, Lauren JV
Holben, Chloe OPEN
Jewett, Katie JV
Jones, Annie OPEN
Kenzie, Isabelle INJ
Lacourciere, Annie OPEN
Madison, Lillie OPEN
McAdams, Emily JV
McCann, Kendall OPEN
McCarty, Agnes JV
Mellor, Cathleen JV
Milan, Savanna OPEN
Najar, Natalia OPEN
Provenzaro, Bella JV
Rains, Anna JV
Rittmeyer, Jane Claire OPEN
Rollins, Drew OPEN
Riis-Poulsen, Francesca OPEN
Sandreuter, Emelia JV
Semple, Maddie OPEN
Sobel, Elizabeth OPEN
Stockstill, Ashley OPEN
Strauss, Julia OPEN
West, Thuy OPEN
Williamson, Emily OPEN
Zeigler, Anna INJ
Zeigler, Rachel JV

Varsity Boys
Roberts, Parker
Tardif, Davis
Gelobter, Dylan
Lyons, Bryce
Ramsager, Andrew
Tennessee, Zach
McCarty, Owen

Boys JV and Open
Name and Race

Barrett, Alan OPEN
Bass, Jordan OPEN
Bourne, Andrew OPEN
Boyle, Chase JV
Burrell, Carter OPEN
Clark, Ben OPEN
Dromrowski, JC INJ
Forlines, Harrison JV
Furlong, Shae OPEN
Gilreath, Connor OPEN
Gonzalez, Alex OPEN
Greene, Nick OPEN
Hashemi, Matthew JV
Hoops, Harrison OPEN
Kofa, Edward OPEN
Kovloukas, Jack OPEN
Larson, Griffin JV
Lee, Ryan OPEN
Leisses, Matt JV
Lewis, Scott JV
McGregor, Jack JV
McGregor, Kevin OPEN
McGregor, Paddy JV
Moreno, Norman JV
Murphy, Torrin OPEN
Rains, Bo JV
Rhodes, Jack JV
Robertson, James OPEN
Ross, Joe OPEN
Scully, Matthew JV
Scully, Mike OPEN
Thompson, Clay OPEN
Vance, Cooper OPEN
Waters, Tim JV
Webb, Carter JV
Webster, Alex OPEN
Wehlie, Zach OPEN
Williams, George OPEN
Youngstrom, Ben OPEN

Parents and Runners-

The Second Pasta Dinner of the season will be held Wednesday September 16, 2015 at The Gelobter’s Home at 220 Pembrooke Place in the Lakeside at Ansley Neighborhood.

Runners will need to provide transportation to the Dinner after wednesday’s practice. Pick up at the address above will be at 7:15PM.

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Posted by David Evans at Sep 15, 2015 12:16PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Now that the dust has settled, I want to give my sincere thanks to all the parents who made Covered Bridge possible last Saturday. Actually, not just possible, but outstanding in every detail. I know how much time and effort the committee chairs and Joan McCarty, Walt Kenzie, and Paul Tartif in particular, put into planning and executing the race. However, virtually all the parents were out in force doing an amazing job of making all the many moving parts of the race work smoothly. I have received several positive comments from coaches about how well the meet was run and how much they and their team enjoyed it, and they don’t often offer positive comments. Kudos to all of you for being the best booster club around and all the help you provide for the team throughout the season. Thanks once again and I look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming meets… none of which we host!

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Practice Change

Posted by David Evans at Sep 13, 2015 4:09PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The following runners will have practice at the Milton High School course on Tuesday at 6:30PM. The rest of the team will practice after school that day. You must email Coach Evans or Coach Yawn if you have a problem attending this practice, something like you need a ride.
VanAmburg, Rachel
Coulter, Kara
Sandreuter, Sarah
Flamer, Sunshine
Stovall, Ava
McAdams, Emily
Butler, Hannah
Fuller, Lauren
Hashemi, Meghan
Mellor, Cathleen
Jewett, Katie
McCarty, Agnes
Cuen, Kendall
Rollins, Drew
Zeigler, Anna
Rains, Anna
Heise, Lauren
Fuller, Hailey
Brill, Ellie
Zeigler, Rachel
Sandreuter, Emelia
Rittmeyer, Jane Claire
Endler, Jasmin
Gotthardt, Abby

Roberts, Parker
Tardif, Davis
Gelobter, Dylan
Lyons, Bryce
Ramsager, Andrew
Tennessee, Zach
McCarty, Owen
Larson, Griffin
Boyle, Chase
Rhodes, Jack
McGregor, Paddy
Webb, Carter
Moreno, Norman
Leisses, Matt
Forlines, Harrison
Hashemi, Matthew
Rains, Bo
Waters, Tim
McGregor, Jack
Dromrowski, JC
Lewis, Scott

Saturday is our home meet, Mizuno Covered Bridge, held at Garrard Landing Park (8000 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022)

There will be a bus at RHS leaving at 6:00 a.m. Parents who are volunteering at the meet should plan on bringing their runners. There will be only one bus; we have 90 runners entered in this meet. Not all runners will fit on one bus.

All members of the RHS XC team will be running this race (unless injured). Below is a listing of varsity runners. If your name is not listed as varsity, you will be running JV.

8:00AM Varsity Girls(10 runners)
8:35AM Varsity Boys(10 runners)
9:05AM JV Girls
9:45AM JV Boys

Thanks to all of those parents who have volunteered to help at the meet. We couldn’t do it without you. Have a great time supporting the team on Saturday. Go Hornets!

As always, questions should be addressed to Joan McCarty

Girls Varsity
VanAmburg, Rachel
Coulter, Kara
Sandreuter, Sarah
Stovall, Ava
McAdams, Emily
Butler, Hannah
Mellor, Cathleen
Fuller, Lauren
Zeigler, Anna
Cuen, Kendall

Boys Varsity
Roberts, Parker
Tardif, Davis
Gelobter, Dylan
Lyons, Bryce
Larson, Griffin
Rhodes, Jack
Ramsager, Andrew
Tennessee, Zach
Boyle, Chase
McGregor, Paddy